Value the product

We work as often as possible with seasonal and local products with a (large) touch of creativity, love, and attention in our recipes.

Value the team

Little to no hierarchy here. We value the personalities and skills of each and every person that works here, which, we believe, is the strength of our team.

Value the client

No matter the occasion, the length, or the regularity of your visit, we will always welcome you with the same attention and our fervent passion for brunch.
The team

The Co-Owners



Multiple years of experience working in restaurants make Marc-André the mastermind behind the organization of the wait staff.
Whether it be through all the administrative work behind the scenes, task management, or his attention to detail during service, he leads our team with kindness, pedagogy, and humor in order to offer you the best possible experience at the Toasteur.



Claudia bridges the gap between the dining room and the kitchen.
She manages the storage and organization of all our products in order for us to be as efficient as possible to serve as many of you as possible. She is also responsible for our menu! Thousands of ideas from flavor associations to original concepts float around in her head and will soon be on your tastebuds.



Thanks to his background in biochemistry, Chris is a recipe genius. He is able to analyze the different components of ingredients and their flavors in order to understand how to associate and balance them just right to create the delicious food on your plate.
His latest eureka? The perfect ratio of ingredients that is in our homemade hot chocolate powder.