Always in Brunch Mode

Your spot for a morning breakfast, brunch and coffee in Villeray.

You are planning to visit us ?


We do not take reservations.
Here’s why:

Our attention is always placed on the quality of service that we offer the clients in the restaurant. 

For that reason, we focus on managing our dining area throughout the service in order to accommodate people who want a quick bite as well as those who want to spend some time among friends.

In order to do that, as well as to undo the myth that “The Toasteur is always full !”, we have set in place a lineup managing tool, which allows us to optimize our service and welcome you in the best conditions, from the lineup to table service. Simply present your name and group size at the counter and it will be our pleasure to offer you a table as soon as we can. 

If we like it then
we put an egg on it!

This is the cooks’ motto at the Toasteur. Starting from a flavor or traditional dish that we love and trying to put a brunch twist on it that’s fun and in season. Given that our menu changes every two months, it allows us to try many different culinary associations for you to discover and enjoy!

Toasteur To-Go

We also do take-out orders!
Our entire menu is available so you can enjoy the Toasteur brunch experience at home, at work, wherever you want!
You can place your order at the restaurant or by phone.

Preparation time may vary depending on customer traffic at the restaurant. The person on duty will always inform you of the ideal time to pick up your brunch.